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Happy Belly 

makes REAL bread and that you can taste!!! 

"We are proud of our gluten-free sourdough bread with a crispy crust and a soft crumb "

Feeling good starts in your belly, that applies to everyone, but especially to people with celiacs disease, gluten intolerance, yeast allergy or IBS.

Happy Belly maakt glutenvrij zuurdesembrood zonder toevoegingen maar vol van smaak

Happy Customer Review

"What good bread you guys make!

I have never eaten such delicious gluten free bread before. Much appreciation for your work."


Gluten-free sourdough bread with a soft crumb and a delicious crispy crust. 
This sounds like a dream…but it exists!
The bread is made from different types of gluten-free flour. With only water and salt as it should be! Without unnecessary additives and excessive starch.

Happy Belly  is  the first gluten-free sourdough bakery in Brabant. It's time to share this great news with you all.

Our beautiful bread has a sourdough base and is made from gluten-free flours: sorghum, buckwheat, teff, wholegrain rice, millet, oats and linseed. For the structure we add psyllium fibers and potato starch. Except for the psyllium fibers, all the ingredients we use are of European origin. They are ground by gluten-free mills in Finland and Italy.

Our products

Gluten-free sourdough bread

Light multigrain

A delicious bread with a firm crust and mild sourdough taste.

This bread is made from teff, sorghum, whole grain rice, buckwheat, psyllium fibers, potato starch and bakers salt.

Price per piece

800 grams for €7.00

Optional with seed mix (pumpkin, sunflower) + €1


Pizza Dough

Take and Bake pizza dough

You can bake delicious gluten-free pizzas at home with Happy Belly's pizza dough.

Our dough is made with sourdough and  contains no yeast or additives.

Price per piece  4.00 per ball of 300 grams

or 3 balls for € 10.00 

gluten free sourdough bread


A darker bread with all the gluten-free grains we have in house, psyllium fibers, potato starch and bakers salt. The addition of extra millet and linseed gives it a delicious characteristic taste and makes it our personal favorite!

800 grams for €7.50

Optional with seed mix (pumpkin, sunflower) + €1

gluten and lactose free brownie


135 grams each

gluten/lactosse free double chocolate with walnuts

Price per piece: €3.50 



Gluten/lactose free salted chocolate chip cookies.

Price per piece: €1.25 


Pancake Mix


Gluten-free pancake mix full of flavor and nutritional value!!

Price per piece: €4.00



Gluten-free baking is a special activity, it takes a lot of patience and practice.
We would like to offer our customers the opportunity to buy raw materials for their own baked bread through us. 

The prices are per kg.

See explanation.


Happy Belly Bag

A happy belly bag is more than just a handy way to safely transport your just-bought loaves of bread, it is a statement that you choose the best for yourself and think it is important to know what is in your food, where it comes from and cares about how it is made.


A solid shopper made of 100% organic cotton, for sale or available in exchange for a full savings card.


Price per piece  7.00

Slice and Storing tips:

When  you pick your freshly baked sourdough bread, it has just come out of the oven and is still warm inside.  For the best slicing results, it is important to let your bread cool down completely, this takes about five hours.

On the day of baking the bread can feel slightly sticky to the knife, this happens because  the gluten-free flours need longer to settle after baking.

Slice and store:

To keep your bread fresh, store the cooled bread in the paper bag and in a sealed zip lock bag, this way the bread will stay fresh up to four days.

Using a sharp bread knife you can cut the bread into thin slices, we reccomend  to do this the day after baking. 

The bread can be stored in your freezer in slices or whole.

Warming up:

Because we do not add preservatives and/or bread improvers to our gluten-free bread, we recommend  to heat the bread briefly in, a toaster, hot pan or in a preheated oven or airfryer when it comes out of the freezer. The bread will be nice and fresh again and this will remain so the entire day.

Do you want to place an order?  See below our ordering page for more information.

To order

Agenda - Updates:

  • We will bake bread on Friday May 24th instead of Saturday May 25th. You can place your order until Wednesday May 22nd.

We work with the following conditions.

This is necessary because sourdough bread has to ferment for at least 36 to 48 hours, so it takes a while before your bread is ready to be baked.

We will then respond as soon as possible to confirm your order.

  • We bake 2 mornings a week: on Wednesday morning and on Saturday morning.

  • Order your bread before Sunday 7:00 PM to pick up on Wednesday morning. 

  • Order your bread before Wednesday 7:00 PM to pick up on Saturday morning.

  • We will send you a confirmation via email and a payment link.

  • After you have made the payment, your place in the oven is reserved for your bread.

  • You can pick up your order on Wednesday morning or Saturday morning from 09:00 to 12:00. 

Where? Peter van Anrooylaan 24

5654MC, Eindhoven. 

Thanks for your order!

About us




Do you have questions, do you want tips about gluten-free food. Would you like to contact us?Mail us on:


Peter van Anrooylaan 24,

5654 MC Eindhoven.

Placing your order

Can be done until Wednesday before 7:00 PM or until Sunday before 7:00 PM 

Collecting your order

On Wednesday morning until 12:00 am

On Saturday morning until 12:00 am

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